Our sustainability story is simple. 

We use waste for the majority of our product line and we continue to innovate to create new materials out of waste. These so far include reclaimed premium solid teak wood & recycled bottle tops and single uses plastics.

Our goal is to have 100% of our products made from waste.

We also make furniture to order, with pieces designed to meet a need, not a trend which you can tailor to your specific project, so you find something you are going to keep.

We own our own production so we can guarantee the origin of each material we use, as we control the end to end supply chain.

reclaimed Solid Teak Wood

Our standard solid teak wood is a premium wood reclaimed salvaged from demolished buildings. Our factory is based in Java Indonesia, where many buildings, homes, and furniture are made from local Indonesian solid teak wood. When this wood is discarded we intercept it from landfills and use it for our furniture.

How is it different? 

Isn't reclaimed rustic?

Our reclaimed is not rustic. It has a beautiful grain just like new wood and we finish it just as refined as new wood. We specifically created a new production system to be able to create slimline products out of reclaimed wood.  Each piece will have marking of its rich history so you may see nail markings and patches, which is a part of its character.

Sustainable Benefits.

-We are reusing a resource that already exists.
-The carbon footprint of reclaimed wood is significantly less than new wood.
-We are intercepting products destined for landfills.
-It does not need to be kiln-dried and therefore uses less energy.

Is it legitimate?

-We own our production and manage the entire supply chain. This allows us to have a personal relationship with our reclaimed suppliers.
-Reclaimed wood is in the form of discarded building waste before being cut.
-We can provide all documentation for WELLS / Greenstar / LEED related projects.

Recycled Plastic

We offer a recycled plastic material across our range in the form of table tops, seating surfaces and individual panels.
We work with a network of track pickers and recycling plants to source HDPE and PPE plastics (bottles and bottle tops) from landfills across Indonesia. This waste is then sorted by colours and combined into an array of colours.

We have worked hard to create beautiful recycled plastics that are beautiful in appearance and have a terrazzo like appearance.

Waste Management & Packaging

All our furniture is wrapped in recycled paper and cardboard and delivery furniture packaging is taken away to be recycled.  

Beyond certification requirements, we feel as a business we need to take additional steps to be sustainable. When Caroline, our founder, set up the factory she noticed there were smaller offcuts of wood, metal and marble that she didn’t want to waste. 

With her team, she designed a collection of smaller accessories such as bowls and accessories to utilise this waste. Marble offcuts are given to the community to be used for paving and home cladding.

Our People

We own our own production in Central Java Indonesia where each employee is directly employed by our business. This way we can ensure every person is being paid above award wages. We additionally support our staff by paying for any further education they wish to undertake, and having team building activities such as aerobics classes, sports days, and external outings. 

Our staff work according to the government regulations and are paid overtime. They truly are a magnificent group of people, and at REDDIE we want to help change the perception of Asian made products in western cultures. Makers deserve to be acknowledged no matter where they are from. So we encourage all brands who make exquisite products in Asia to be transparent.


We work with architect, designers and building owners to meet requirements for Green Building fit outs. We have created furniture for several green buildings such as as WELLS, Greenstar and LEED. Contact us at for further information.

Our factory is audited annually to ensure its has above required standards required for an ethical production.

Pt Reddie Design Indonesia. 

Code 449/LVK-009/TRANsTRA

We have made furniture for Green Star approved buildings and provide all required documentation.

We have made furniture for WELL approved buildings and can provide all required documentation.

We use green guard gold sealants and can provide ceritification.

We have products that approved an d have been tested under the rigorous BIFMA American commercial rating.

For non reclaimed wood - (available on request) we use a certified FSC plantation grown wood.

FSC Code: FSC-C130314 

Plantaion: Perum Perhutani KPH

Product stewardship

We aim to enhance the life cycle of Reddie furniture and reduce waste through sustainable measures via reuse, refurbishment or recycling. Where possible, we will take back furniture sold by Reddie to reuse or find alternatives to sending products to landfill. Options include: 

(i) Refurbishment of furniture for possible reuse by the existing customer. 
(ii) On-selling or donation of furniture in it's existing condition to other commercial businesses or organisations. 
(iii) Disassembly of furniture for components/materials reuse or recycling.

Our Product Stewardship initiatives will continue to evolve as we look to provide cost effective solutions that are environmentally beneficial and economically viable.