Timber Maintenance


Our factory is located on the northern coast of Central Java Indonesia. We use FSC certified wood from government regulated teak plantation forests. Sourcing locally allows us to buy the whole log so that we can use every inch of the tree, with offcuts being used for our smaller accessories.


CHARACTERISTICS AND COLOURS Teak wood is a premium timber with beautiful grains, universally known as the 'rolls royce of timber'. It is the the wood of choice for outdoor furniture as it is so hardwaring and durable, with very few timbers able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. With our teak wood, we are able to stain it in different finishes such as black, oak and walnut stains so you can find your perfect wood tone. Please note the teak oak finish is similar to a darker aged oak (as opposed to a lighter/bleeched oak).

As teak is a natural product, each piece will vary in colour and grain. We use a 2 pac polyurethane sealer on our indoor tables to protect from spills and staining, and a natural water based sealer for outdoor. As wood is a natural product we cannot guarantee each piece will be the same colour, much like how 2 people will never be identical.  This applies for multiple items in the same order, as well as different/separate orders. The website images should be used as reference only as the actual tones/colours may differ slightly.


FINISH Our timber tables and desks are finished with a polyurethane finish by Akzo Nobel (A premium Dutch finishing brand).  This is a hard surface to protect the wood. This still requires maintainance per below. All other items outside of tables are finished with an oil-based lacquer finish also by Akzo Nobel. If you would like to have your tables refinished after many years, we recommend using the same product or equal.

SOLID WOOD CARE Solid wood can expand and contract in response to temperature changes. Small surface cracks and movement may occur and are a normal part of the characteristics of the wood. Please avoid extreme temperature, humidity or dry air variations, placing your furniture outside (if made for indoor), in direct sunlight, or directly underneath/in front of any air-conditioning vents or heaters. Please note cracks will appear over time in solid wood block items such as the bob block stool.

*If the item is too hot to hold in your hand, it is too hot to place directly on the timber. Please use a coaster or plate before placing hot items or drinks.

*It is recommended to wipe spills immediately, they should not be left overnight and/or for long periods of time. Please use a combination of mild soap and water to clean the wood surface. Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface in the direction of the grain, and do not use any metal scrubbers. If you use a detergent it needs to be non-corrosive, and suitable for cleaning wood.

*To remove any scuff marks in natural sealed timber you can use a polyxoil.  




A water based sealer is applied on all Reddie outdoor timber for protection. Please note outdoor teak will naturally grey over time. Covering outdoor teak when not in use or placing it out of direct sunlight will protect it from the elements and delay the greying.  


OUTDOOR WOOD MAINTENANCE  All timber outdoor furniture left exposed to the elements will experience some surface mould and discolouration from the environemnt.  To care / clean outdoor timber, firstly remove any dirt, cobwebs and leaves that have built up on the surface with a stiff bristled brush (follow the natural timber grain to avoid scratching).  Then use an eco-friendly teak cleaner and soft cloth to clean the timber, and wash it with a hose and allow to dry.  A water based sealer should be applied annually to maximise care and protection.

If you would like to eliminate the grey tones, lightly sand the surface and apply a water based sealer once a year. If the greying is not a problem, simply skip the sanding step and just apply a water based sealer.


WOOD ACCESSORIES  The bowls, spoons and chopping board are finished with a mineral oil, and may stain over time with liquid and food use. Apply a mineral oil periodically to keep in great condition. 



 Hand-wash only with mild soap and water, do not put in the refrigerator or dishwasher. Don't let the items soak in water as this may cause the wood to crack, and dry right away with a soft cloth.  Stains may develop if anything moist is left on the wood for long periods. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and dry air can cause the wood to crack or warp, so store in a spot with good air circulation away from direct sunlight, heaters, and the oven.  Occasionally, rub with mineral oil to maintain the finish.

OTHER select items are made using wood veneer (with mdf substrate) instead of solid wood. The same maintenance is required as solid wood.

*actual material and finish colours/tones may vary to website images, please use as guide only for illustrative purposes

VENEER CARE See solid wood care and maintenance section above