Our Team

We have handpicked the very best team to create our products. The team manages and quality controls the entire process. We make most of our products in-house, which includes woodworking, finishing, assembly, and final checking etc. Our team is trained in traditional Danish woodworking, a craft passed down from generations. 

For skills such as leatherwork, marble and metalwork we support smaller factories which allows us to help other smaller businesses grow and support the local community around us.

Pak Gatot & Pak Dul

(Quality Control & Engineer Extraordinaire & Supplier Manager Maestro) 

Pak Gatot left is our head of production. He is the one that makes sure our products stand up, are safe, and are made to last a lifetime. He has been working in the furniture industry most of his life at large American production houses. He is a wonderful leader, and with such a difficult business to run, he never loses his calm. 

Pak Dul managers all of our external suppliers, a funny comedian, if he wasn't working at REDDIE he would definitely be telling jokes. Managing supplier is such a hard job, but he does so with humour and passion that everyone that works with us in the community loves working with us because of Pak Ali.

Both are hilarious, but for some reason they have decided to only take serious photos!

Pak Sam

Pak Sam is our lead engineer. He takes our concept designs and engineers them to perfection, creating 3d models and 2d drawings for the production team to use during construction. He is meticulous and has the most amazing attention to detail.

Pak Jono

Pak Jono is the most amazing craftsmen. With over 30 years in woodworking he understand extremely detailed carpentry. He leads a team of up to 50 carpenters at REDDIE but when ever he gets a chance he loves getting his hands dirty and physically making a product. He loves complicated details look simple.

Pak Janji

Don't be fooled by his youthful looks! Pak Janji is a ninja at metal work. We discovered him when he had a small 3 person workshop in a nearby town. We approached him to help build out our metal team, since then he has grown our metal team from 2 to 20. He loves working with metal, stainless steel and brass and there is not design too difficult for him to master.

Pak Arip

Pak Arip is our quality control manager. Nothing, we mean nothing gets past Arip. He is the leader of 7 quality contril managers checking wood quality, join quality to metal finishing. He has a very detailed eye and can spot a defect from a mile away!

Ibu Nani

Our head of packing super star. Nani and her team make sure each box is packed perfectly, using minimal waste whilst withstanding heavy movement. She is always super calm under pressure and is an amazing team leader who effortlessly coorginated the packing and moving of boxes in and out of containers.