Laminate, Metal & Polyurethane Characteristics & Maintenance

COLOURS These colours in our standard palette are available in a semi-gloss powder coat metal, lacquered polyurethane (PU) and high pressure laminate (HPL).  This is so you can have a table with different materials in similar colours, regardless if its metal or laminate or lacquered PU. Whilst we aim to closely match the colours between materials, please note colours may vary slightly between different material types. We have provided the closest RAL number to each of our colours.

METAL We powder coat our metals, which is a dry finishing process covering the raw metal in a smooth colour. Metal pieces may have variations as our metal is welded by hand, because of this you may see small bumps and inconsistencies in the paint on the surface. This is not a defect but a characteristic of our handmade product. 

METAL OUTDOOR Depending on item we use aluminium or "galvanised" metal, which is a process to protect the metal from rust. Outdoor metals are all available in the same standard powdercoat colours.  Please note galvanised metal may still rust if it has been chipped/scratched.  We can also use stainless steel if requested (price on application).

METAL BRASS We use brass on select pieces, which will naturally patina/age over time. Please use Brasso metal polish or a similar product to maintain/clean.

METAL CARE Wipe with a soft cloth and water. *Wipe off all excess water immediately. *Dust often. *Use an anti-rust spray on any outdoor metal that has chipped to prevent rust. 

Galvanised metal may be cleaned using a water-based emulsifier, alkaline-based cleaners with a pH of 12 or lower or organic solvents. Then rinse the area with fresh water and simply wipe clean with a soft cloth.  Abrasive cleaners should be avoided. For products in a highly corrosive environment eg. coastal/marine, it is recommended the product be rinsed with potable water on a regular basis, particularly under sheltered conditions (i.e. not exposed to rain and sun).  Please note galvanised metal can corrode or fade, and may still rust over time.

LAMINATES We use a (HPL) High pressure laminate. This is a plastic surface that adds a pop of colour to your tables. Each one of our laminates are finished with a solid wood edge. 

LAMINATE CARE A damp cloth will remove spills, marks and greasy spots (water only, no need for detergent). Rub with a clean dry cloth to bring back brightness. Occasionally clean with mild dishwashing detergent. To remove heavy build-up of dirt use cleaners such as Mr Muscle, Windex or Ajax Spray n Wipe spray cleaners.


COLOURED POLYURETHANE We use semi-gloss lacquered polyurethane (PU), which is applied as a multi-layered hard coated spray finish on plywood substrate. 

POLYURETHANE CARE Use warm soapy water with a damp cloth, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth. For deep grease stains use vinegar or a small amount of rubbing alcohol. For all other commercial cleaners we recommend you test product on a smaller inconspicuous area first.

*actual material and finish colours/tones may vary slightly to website images, please use as guide only