Marble Characteristics and Maintenance

We import our marbles from across the globe such as Europe and India. Each species varies in characteristics like grain size and texture. As we're always conscious of our environment, we ensure all marble offcuts don't go to waste and are given to the local community to build houses and footpaths. 

CARARRA MARBLE Probably the most famous of the marble family. This marble from Italy has a beautiful bright white and grey colouring [honed standard finish].

RED VEIN MARBLE An unusual marble we found a few years ago that took our breath away. It is a beautiful, heavily grained black polished marble with white and red streaks/veins, and teams well with bright colours or monochrome [polished standard finish].

FOREST GREEN So retro, crazy and cool. This old but new again Serpentine Granite is quite the maximalist. With a rich green tone and strong veins of black, red, white and dark brown, it will the talk of your space. Please note this is a heavily textured stone, so will not appear perfectly smooth [polished standard finish].

CALACATTA VIOLA Oh Viola why so pretty. This classically Italian stone is just so pretty. Large swirls of deep to light purples and greys over a milky white base. Who wouldn't want a little Viola. Please note that this is a heavily textured stone, so will not appear perfectly smooth [polished standard finish].


Like you and I, each piece of marble is different. Each piece has grains that vary in size, scale, colour and texture. Marble is a gorgeous natural product so you may see varying characteristics. You may see some surface cracks on the grain, this is not a flaw but a characteristic of this marble. Calcium marks are also a natural part of marble, and not a flaw or quality issue. We buff them out where possible, but these blemishes may still exist.

CARE Marble is a natural stone material that is organically porous. Please ensure you wipe up spills immediately with a wet/damp cloth and wipe dry.  Use a cleaning solution that is suitable for marble, please avoid acidic or abrasive cleaners that may stain, corrode or tarnish marble surfaces. We always recommend using coasters and placemats for protection when placing items on marble. 

We leave our marble in their natural state, as we find marble is best when left as mother nature intended, and creates a gorgeous patina over time. If you are concerned about staining, there are many off the shelf sealers that can be applied. Please apply an appropriate sealant and note that marble is still not 100% stain proof after being sealed due to its porous nature (sealant also cannot prevent etching or scratching). If needed please consult a specialist to make the application.

Do not use rough cloths or abrasive materials to wipe the marble as it can scratch the surface. Use a non-corrosive cleaning liquid or an appropriate marble cleaner, and wipe with a damp cloth in a circular motion. Then use a soft dry cloth to wipe any excess liquid.

Marble can be used in outdoor environments, but will be more prone to staining and etching (honed option recommended).  Marble can become stained from harsh weather and exposure to the outdoors, and regular care / maintenance is necessary to address the effects of weather and wear and tear.

*actual material and finish colours/tones may vary to website images, please use as guide only for illustrative purposes.