Sage Space- Not your ordinary dental practice

Spend an hour with Corbin Barry, and his positive energy becomes contagious. A visionary dentist, Corbin founded Sage Space in Darlinghurst, a chic dental haven where design and experience meet dentistry His mission? Revolutionise the dental practice.

His practice breaks industry norms of unnecessary up-charging and very utilitarian experiences. Corbin seeks connections, focusing on dental prevention, education, and ensuring a meaningful and enjoyable overall experience. In his words,

"I envision a dental practice akin to a day spa, prioritising health, and experience."

 Corbin, who studied interior design on the side (what an overachiever!), believes good design can evoke emotions and enhance well-being. So when he met Strutt Studios, it was a perfect match, and they collaborated to create this effortlessly cool space.

The Experience

As you enter the reception, an instant calm envelops you—an oasis of textures and details curated for relaxation but avoiding intimidation. Greeted warmly by a receptionist that feels like a friend, the reception desk, is not just functional but an art piece in, muted pink tones of curved metal, marble, and mosaics.

Our Cinta chairs sit proudly in the space in a custom Kvadrat fabric. Accessories related to your upcoming "ritual" are strategically placed and available for purchase from collaborations with local brands like Black Blaze and Maison Balzac.The reception is a community hub. Anyone client passing by can stop in for a glass of water or a chat, fostering a sense of belonging. He even wants to host community events in the space. The design ensures a unique view from every angle, each wall is something new you want to touch like the organic textured walls.

The design continues beyond the reception area. The teeth-brushing room, resembling a private first-class bathroom where a personalised dental care packages await. The designer room boasts curved mirrors, quirky blue taps, and an upbeat musical ambiance.

The consultation room is a moody haven in head-to-toe dark chocolate cork, illuminated by exquisite ambient lighting, creating a serene atmosphere for informative discussions about your service. 

Corbin's attention to detail bleeds into his service. Upon entering the dentists room, a digital screen welcomes you with your name.  A TV discreetly blends into the ceiling's timber lattice above the chair, accompanied by noise-canceling headphones for an immersive experience. All machinery is thoughtfully concealed, allowing you to savour the moment without distraction. Even the dental chair, typically vibrant green or blue, is a muted earthy tones adding warmth.

Corbin fosters an environment where individuality shines. A welcome departure from a cookie-cutter approach, he encourages his staff to be themselves.

"Everyone is equal, and showcasing our unique personalities is what makes us special. We want our clients to connect with real people."

His approach is so refreshing that you immediately want to book an appointment and be apart of the club. It also begs the question, why have we all just accepted dental pactices to be white rooms and void of an experience especially when we spend so much money? Corbin had the same question, and very cleverly decided to do something about it.

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