Introducing Nightjar, an experience design company with a focus on creating human centred digital experiences.They specialise in brand, design and technology and partner with ambitious businesses to deliver transformative results - at speed. Their client roster ranges from THE ICONIC to Lifeline.

Started by 3 friends Bonnie, Christine and Ahmed seven years ago from an apartment in Bondi, they then moved to Crown St in Surry Hills, and they now reside in a new warm and welcoming studio in the heart of Surry Hills. Our founder Caroline speaks with Nightjar about how they started their business, the projects they find the most rewarding, and most importantly, their favourite spot in their new space. 

Q&A with the Founders: Insights into Nightjar's Culture


So tell us a bit about Nightjar

We build digital-first brands, products, and services for ambitious businesses looking to innovate and scale. We've been in the game for about seven years now, founded by three friends - and of course little Graeme the office dog. We're all about aligning design and technology seamlessly. We always like working on a variety of projects, across many different industries - we don't just want to keep producing the same work. We like to be challenged and create new and interesting solutions every time - making sure we’re actually solving the real problem for our clients.


How did Nightjar get started?

Well, it all began in a furniture-lacking space in Ahmed’s apartment in Bondi seven years ago. We were fortunate to have some great relationships and our foundational clients were THE ICONIC, Destination NSW, and Optus. Bondi was a perfect beginning for us, and we have so many great memories. But when we started growing the team and were getting funny looks from the neighbours as we lugged another desktop monitor up the stairs, it was time to find a proper studio. We moved to our first space on Crown Street in 2018, and now we’re here on leafy Bourke Street. 


What inspired the design of the new office space?

We aimed to create a warm, welcoming, and cosy environment. The colour palette is warm, and the layout encourages collaboration. We wanted a space that our team and clients could comfortably come together and create.


Can you share a bit about the most rewarding project Nightjar has worked on?

We find working with social enterprise clients to be particularly rewarding. Projects with ReachOut, Lifeline, and Two Good stand out. It's fulfilling when our work contributes to making a positive difference in the world. We also focus on creating impact for our clients, so projects where we have totally transformed their digital experience and reshaped the way their business operates is a great feeling. We recently drove a 12x increase in leads for a manufacturing client, and decreased bounce rate by 94% for a publishing client. 


How do you utilise the compact space in the new office?

Every nook and corner is designed for maximum utilisation. The team gathers for Monday mornings by the window, cosy lunches, and collaborative discussions. The compactness ensures that each space is purposeful and actively used.

What's your favourite spot in the office?

Monday mornings, by the window, on the couch, with the morning light and a good cup of coffee. It's a grounding and inspiring start to the week.

If there was someone that wanted to start a business like this what would your advice be?

Don’t wait. Just get out there and work on your idea!

As we continue to grow and evolve, Nightjar remains committed to pushing the boundaries of design, fostering creativity, and making a positive impact on the world.